Friday, October 7, 2011

Make sure your wedding is perfect with these preparation tips

Weddings are extremely blissful ceremonies where the whole family gathers to celebrate the bride and groom’s happiness. Both the families look and feel happy for the young ones who are about to start a whole new life. In occasions like these one important thing is to look good and in sync with the ceremony.

It is a stressful and heinous task to make arrangements for a wedding. Right from dresses to decorations everything has to be taken care of. Especially if you are the bride you have to take care of your wedding gown, mother of the bride dress,  Cute Bridesmaid Dresses etc.                                    

Most of the time will be spend in finding the right perfect dress for each one of them. Because ultimately keeping everyone happy will keep you happy and your wedding day will truly be heavenly.

After the dresses, venue and the theme of the wedding are important. The theme of the wedding can be kept in according to the season. Like a beach theme during summers and a closed theme during winters. And accordingly the venue can also be decided. Beaches are the best place for a more casual and fun approach to your wedding.

However if you are looking for the typical traditional weddings, opt for a church. You don’t really have many options with traditional weddings because you will be expected to follow family traditions. The wedding cake is also an important part of a wedding. Pick a cake that will symbolize love and romance.  The color, flavor and design of the cake should be kept unique.

Finally wedding gifts are something that will make your wedding day memorable not just for you, but also for each and every guest arriving. It should look like you have taken extra efforts for your wedding and that every guest’s presence was very important to you and that you were glad they came.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Great Tips On Wedding In Autumn

Get married in autumn with the help of these tips
Autumn is the best way to celebrate weddings. The changing colors and the very pleasant climate make for a perfect wedding. Here are a few tips that will help you arrange your wedding in a very sophisticated manner.

Pick a warm color wedding dress
For autumn choose warm and pleasant colored dresses. Do not wear anything that is bold. Browns, yellows and even oranges are a good option.  And when it comes to style you have a wider option. You can go for any style. If your wedding has been planned outdoor, you can go for a dress that has a lightweight fabric that will keep you comfortable. If the temperature dips, you can go for a little warmer fabric. And keep your bridesmaids happy by taking them along when picking a dress so that they can choose a style of their choice.

Invitations in a trendy style.
You can send out invitations of your wedding in a unique style. Many send out mini pumpkins with the family’s name on it. You can also send out leaves or dried leaves. They look really exceptional and interesting. With the card you can also send out cookies or candies that are personalized.

Always keep a plan-b ready
If any of your ideas due to some reason don’t work out, go for Plan-b. So always keep the backup ready so that you are saved from any kind hassled or embarrassment.

Themed weddings are the best option
Any wedding that has a theme makes it easier for the arrangements because then you know what you are looking for. There are many options that you can choose from. For example: Halloween, Garden, Outdoors, Lake, Camping, Beach, Flowers etc.

Considering it is autumn all you arrangements can be done at very cheap rates because this season comes with discounts. That’s why this season is loved by many to get married. With all the above tips a colorful season like autumn will definitely be the best season to get married. Right from decorations to dresses and invitation to food everything can be great and experimental. Apart from leaves you can also use flowers.

Autumn being a pleasant and colorful season and event as colorful like a wedding should be arranged during this time. So that will help you arrange a dreamy Autumn Wedding  like you have always wanted.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have a dreamy wedding with these tips

Weddings are every girl’s dream. They have high expectations when it comes to weddings. There are some ladies who have dreamed about their marriage at an early age. So stick to them and turn your dream wedding into a reality. How? Well, here are a few tips.

The first thing ladies think about when talking about marriage is bridal gowns. Bridal gowns should be planned and bought. Sit with your friends and discuss what you looking for. Styles, colors, length budget etc. Bring along friends and relatives because suggestions matters a lot during weddings.  You don’t have to stick to traditional styles; there are many bridal gowns that can be obtained with contemporary styles.

After that the 2nd most important thing is bridesmaids. Ensure that you keep your bridesmaids happy by giving them a bridesmaid’s dress of their choice. The best option would be to keep the style same but fittings different. Ask each of your brides as to what would they prefer and accordingly pick a dress that would look good in each of them.

Mother of the bride however has the freedom to select a dress of her choice. So if you are the mother of the bride, select address that is sober and traditional. Do not even try to look sexy and stealing away limelight from your daughter. A two piece mother of the bride dress looks very classy and sophisticated.

These three important things once done, then you can think about the theme of the wedding, Flower Girls Dresses  etc. The theme can vary from beach theme to a fairytale theme. It’s totally your call. But when you buy a gown or dress see to it that it complements your wedding theme.

Weddings take a lot of preparations. With the right help from your close and loved ones, everything will be smooth sailing. And about dresses, I am sure you already know what to do. So have a happy wedding.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Complement Your Dress With The Latest Bridal Jewelry

Weddings are a very blissful. There is happiness around and the best that one can do during such a moment I dress up nicely and spread more happiness. When someone looks at you, he/she should feel pleasant and nice.
 To ensure this happens, the first thing to consider is a nice bridal gown if you are the bride. And for the bridesmaids and the guest, wear a nice dress that will add elegance to your look. A nice hairdo, make-up shoes are the other things that need to be considered. Everything said and done now comes the most important part and that is jewelry. A dress looks complete and prettier with the perfect jewelry.
Let’s take a look at the latest trends in bridal jewelry. The latest trends are exceptionally fashionable and breathtaking. It oozes loads of femininity. For the brides there is also a new range of personalized wedding rings and wrist bands and even neckpieces.
Women no longer stick to diamonds and pearls. They prefer stones that are colored. Pink, blue and green are the many colors that are used by many ladies. Even the bride doesn’t shy away from showing colors. Emerald is the latest in fashion. Chocolate pearls look very chic and classy. It adds a touch of color to your wedding jewelry.
The other style that is in fashion these days are the layered bridal jewelry. A neckpiece with multiple layers looks very casual and sophisticated. It gives a modern touch to your look. If your dress is cleavage showing, these kinds of neckpieces look good. Especially if you in the guest list, you can try wearing such junk jewelry because it’s ok for a guest to look funky and chic.
A gowns are totally incomplete without a cuff bracelet. Cuff bracelets look like bangles but they look bold and unique. They also resemble handcuffs, but with more style. Any accessory for arms should start with cuff bracelets. The will never go wrong.
Another trend is the hair jewelry. Now hair jewelry is nothing but something like tiara, headbands etc. No longer have ladies kept their hair simple. They accentuate their hair by using these accessories. Some ladies also pin beads and ribbons into their hair. This is one bridal jewelry that is the most recommended, because it truly does change your look altogether.
These are the 2011 fashionable trends for bridal jewelry. Follow them and you will definitely shine at any wedding.          

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding Shopping No Longer a Herculean Task

Wedding is your day. A day where you will be the queen and there will be many others whose eyes will be set on you. It’s the time to feel confident, happy and at peace. For all this to come true, all you have to do is shop for your wedding wisely without any decisions made out of excitement and hurry.

Make shopping for your wedding a memorable and enjoyable experience. Here are lists of point for every bride-to-be and also bridesmaids.

1. When out for shopping get honest friends along. An opinion always matters and it always works. So when trying out dresses or jewelry for that matter, ask for opinions. Take every comment sportingly and implement on it. So you can be sure to look good on a wedding day.

2. Plan out your budget and time carefully. Note down how much time you might want to keep for wedding gown shopping or for accessory shopping. So that will leave you hassle free. Also narrow down your selections. Or else you will spend one full day in searching for gowns. Hence be sure of what do u exactly want.

3. You don’t really have to look for designer dresses. There are many shops and fashion websites that offer wedding dresses for the bride and the bridesmaids at very pocket friendly prices. So your budget will not be shaken.

4. Now that doesn’t not mean you keep looking for cheap dresses. Sometimes cheap dresses come in cheap fabrics. And there might be some wear and tear. So price and quality should be balanced. Never compromise on the quality.

5. Do not go by what models and celebrities wear for their weddings. What look good on them might not look good on you. So do not follow fashion blindly. Select a dress that you know will complement your body type, skin color etc.

6. Many ladies make appointments with a bridal store, so that will do a great deal of help because you will be showered with all the attention and you will also be shown a big variety of bridal gowns. You can try the same.

7. You don’t have to stick to the color white. Those were days of passed when ladies only wore white. You can experiment with color and also the length. It doesn’t matter if it looks modern and not conventional.
At the end of the day it is your wedding sp wear what you like and feel good in.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fortifying Your Wedding Orderliness

 Congratulations!! We just heard that you are getting married. Well that’s the reason you are reading this article. Wedding is an auspicious occasion that’s what everyone says and that’s what even the priests say at marriages.

But it’s only the people who are getting married know that apart form being an auspicious occasion it is an expensive affair. You will be spending your entire life with just one person then why it has to be an expensive event.

The answer is pretty straight forward because you get married only once. So the pain the bride and the groom go through shopping for their wedding dresses, running after wedding planners, inviting guests is all worth it.

This article will help you relieve you of your wedding preparation pains, well! If not completely then it will definitely be able to rejuvenate you and get you back into the game of wedding preparation.

Some tips that will make you preparation memorable and pocket friendly: -

Wedding Dress: - One of the most Herculean task for the bride. Let’s make this easy for you.

•    If you have stated preparing early for your wedding then it is a better idea to order a wedding dress online. Online wedding dresses are definitely beautiful and will make you look gorgeous. One can avail designers and even custom made which will be much much cheaper than those gaudy boutiques.

•    If you do not have time then it is better that you  do some research online on what kind of wedding gown you want depending on the venue of your wedding, what gown will suit your body type, is it an evening or morning affair, season etc… and then purchase the gown form a boutique. If this suggestion will not save you money. It will definitely save you time.

Wedding Jewelry: -

•    You can get it custom made with your gown if you can afford it and if not then again online jewelry shopping is a good idea.

•    Remember to keep your jewels to minimum if you want to highlight your wedding gown as it is always better to under do than over do it.

Wedding Make up: -

•    It is always better to plan a make up rehearsal before your wedding day as on that day you will be too shaky and nervous.
•    Once at the rehearsal confirm the hairdo and makeup that compliments with your dress and it’s important that you take your sincere friends advice on it.

Have fun...Hope this short and brief article helped you plan in advance be wise and look gorgeous…Have A Happily Married Life.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prom Dress Making your Look Attractive

Prom is one of the big event held on end of the every year. Prom in short is also known as promenade. All the school and college students are celebrating this event by participating in formal dance party, gathering. Prom is one of the special event for all girls. They all are wore the special dresses for this event, these dresses are called as prom dresses. According to recent study on prom, an estimate of eight million girls in Unites States attend prom each year.

All the students prepare for it and get ready to look best in the prom night. Here at the event a professional DJ plays music and a photograph takes pictures. There is no provision for alcohol, it is strictly prohibited in the event and if someone faults guilt is punished. An attendee prefers someone from his mates to be his partner for the dance. You can also take someone from the freshman or from sophomore classes to make your night special with anyone you wish.

As I told prom is special event for every girls so that a boy has to pay less because it is not expensive for them compared to girls. Girls have to pay more in the prom because just a prom dress can cost hundreds of dollar. Each girl in the prom has to pay for prom ticket, share of pictures, and seat in the limo, make up and dressing cost, a boutonniere for her date. All the prom preparation can take several months in advance.

The Prom night is also said as a formal night when parents have to recognize the fact that their kids have grown up to an adult. Prom night is all about students who have completed their high school education and moving towards start of a new life.

I hope all of you would like this Prom event Information and you all are find it helpful.

Thanks and Regards,
Van Woods, Fashion Designer,
California, CA